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Game Development - Text-based Level Editing and Phaser JS 2017-04-07

How I visually represent a level's layout through text (think ASCII art or Nethack) and use the Phaser JS game engine to render it to a canvas.

Chromebook Linux - From Crouton to GalliumOS 2017-03-18

How I finally got to use my Chromebook as a full-featured Linux machine.

Parsing In-line PHP With Nginx 2017-01-02

Enable in-line PHP parsing with Nginx; code snippets included.

Chromebook Web Development 2016-12-17

A breakdown of my current web development setup on my Samsung Chromebook 3.

Quick and Custom AddThis Setup 2016-08-28

Set up AddThis sharing with fully customized styles and capabilities to match your website's design and content needs.

Animating with GreenSock 2016-05-12

A brief overview of the GSAP JavaScript library and the animation power it brings to your frontend arsenal that CSS3 can't.

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