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Extra Steps Needed for Setting Up Octopress With GitHub Pages

Having to set up Octopress to use with GitHub pages again, I realized there are a few extra steps I needed to perform that weren’t in the default instructions on the octopress website.

Create a new branch

Create a new branch after forking the octopress repository; this new branch will be the one you work out of, as the deploy rake task deploys to the master branch (you will need to pull and merge on every commit if you do not do this).

If your deploy is rejected

If your deploy is rejected, you will need to change to the _deploy directory and git pull origin master, then try deploying again. If on git pull origin master you receive an error of fatal: refusing to merge unrelated histories, try git pull origin master --allow-unrelated-histories, and that should work.

If you are using a domain (CNAME issue)

If you are using a domain, your CNAME file will need to be in the source directory if you want it to be in the top-level directory (as it will need to be) of your master branch, which is the only branch a personal (non-project) GitHub Pages repo will serve.

And that’s really it. Not too many, but enough to prompt me to make a new post.