How I visually represent a level's layout through text (think ASCII art or Nethack) and use the Phaser JS game engine to render it to a canvas.

If you are familiar with roguelikes (turn-based dungeon crawlers) such as Nethack, then you are no doubt familiar with the idea of a game's elements being displayed entirely as ASCII characters.

Here I will explain how I use a similar approach to create the layout of rooms in a game I am working on and how I use Phaser (JS game engine) to render the rooms based on my layouts.

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Set up AddThis sharing with fully customized styles and capabilities to match your website’s design and content needs.

Getting AddThis sharing set up exactly how I wanted took some digging the first time around. Maybe, like me, you wanted AddThis's functionality but with your own styles, and not the AddThis brand buttons. Here's how I set it up, allowing for full customization.

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Originally written for The Charles NYC.

I’ve recently been introduced to animating with the powerful JavaScript library GreenSock. It’s quite impressive, notably for how manageable its animations are. Unlike CSS3, which measures its animations with percentages, GreenSock uses seconds for timing. GreenSock is also capable of applying multiple animations to a single element, each running either consecutively or simultaneously, which is something CSS3 is not capable of either.

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